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experimental, contemporary Folk...
...from Bavaria

Lisa Schamberger – Voice, Accordeon // Gerhard Wagner - Clarinet, Flute
Christian Bestle – Didgeridoo, Trombone // Franz X. Höfer - Waldzither, Banjo, Percussion
Photo: Martina Bieräugel
news new gig dates

next concert on 19th of May
more details in our concert calender.

Arwinda Duo goes theatre with the Canadian performer and actress Erika Batdorf.
Next shows on 7th and 8th of June in Jakarta at the Salihara Festival (www.salihara.org)
more details on our music page.

in our own words "Our music is dialogue between old and new, between earth and air, between home and the big, wide world. It also is an appeal to respect our own roots, to care for them and at the same time, go out into the world, with an open mind and curiosity.

Become wider, stay awake, laugh together, touch, move, and don´t always take yourself too serious. This is us. This is our music."

Videos Watch Arwinda live at the Kinocafé Taufkirchen, Germany, recorded in June 2012. Enjoy...

"Spielwechsel" 2012

"Herbststurm" 2012

"Jovano Jovanke", macedonian traditional

"Bredôn Nerá" 2012

Thanks alot to Hubert Radl and Sophia von Gaffron for the videoclips from Taufkirchen, 2012

more videos on Youtube: Videos ARWINDA
and some older ones further down...

brand new
The brand new album "Weites Land" is out now!!!
You can listen to all the 14 songs in short versions further down and order the whole CD here
You will also find our music downloads on the iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby websites.

Soundsamples "Weites Land":

1. Jechômo

2. Wellen II

3. Jessas

4. Jeszi

5. Inheél

6. Kyoto
(Jew´s Harps/Voice/Flute)

7. weites Land

8. Herbststurm

9. Jovano Jovanke
(Clarinete/Accordeon/Voice/Didgeridoo/Percussion/Jew´s Harp)

10. Bredôn Nerá

11. Jazzy

12. Steppenritt

13. Tak Jana

14. Yelna

Press the green title to download and listen to each Mp3 track.
All songs are composed by Arwinda, except "Jovano Jovanke" (Traditional from Macedonia).
All rights reserved.

older Videos

"Wandervogel" (live at the Sterzinger Osterspiele 2010)

"Gipfelglück" (live at the Sterzinger Osterspiele 2010)

Thanks to Bob "Mac Blob" Alemanno for the videos at the "Sterzinger Osterspiele" 2010.

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